Welcome to the Democracy Theme Park

While we’re stuffing envelopes, writing letters to our “representatives” and talking to twelve people at a time in living rooms, corporate executives are writing laws and buying television stations. They’re making policy, while we’re standing in line for rides at the Democracy Theme Park. But we don’t have to stay here. We too can develop provocative and nuanced strategies for returning democracy to what it was supposed to be all about; government for the people, by the people. So hang on to your hats and sharpen your pencils… we’re going over the wall!


Jane Anne Morris is a recovering Midwesterner, a corporate anthropologist, and a writer.

She has been a bicycle commuter for 40 years, but will take a bus on the occasion that she’s carrying an accordion and three gallons of honey. She knows exactly how many kilowatt-hours of energy she uses in her dwelling each month, because she spent 8 years fighting against a utility company that wanted to strip mine tens of thousands of acres of Texas farmland for a fuel with a lower energy content than cow patties. That outfit–the Lower Colorado River Authority of Texas (LCRA)–became the “tribe” that was the subject of her anthropology dissertation.

After stints teaching community college anthropology, G.E.D. at a correctional facility, and ESL to undocumented workers, she started writing about activism, corporate “rights”, constitutional law, and most importantly what underlies all… democracy.
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One way to support the research and writing you see on this site is to buy, where possible, a copy of one of my books directly from me. As it happens, I have an inventory of Gaveling Down the Rabble available to sell you. If you buy a copy from a big distributor such as Amazon, I will at most receive a few pennies. If you buy from me, however, I’ll not only be able to buy a goodly supply of lentils; I’ll clear out some space in my tiny living quarters, where I’ll then be able to store more research papers.

In Gaveling Down the Rabble: How “Free Trade” is Stealing Our Democracy, author & activist Jane Anne Morris explores a century and a half of efforts by corporations and the courts to undermine local democracy in the United States, using a “free trade” model. Continue reading “Books”


SLAPP, Crackle Pop — Help, They’re Suing Us!

Congratulations on being sued for your activism. You should be gratified, but instead are probably freaked out. Millions of activists and public officials struggle for the public good for decades without being sued for their work. That’s because the power brokers they are ticking off can handle them with the usual routine tactics. If you …

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Currently, rare moments of actually being able to do legal research, give talks, write articles about real-time issues and the corporate and constitutional law that permeate our current Democracy Theme Park—are surrounded by many more moments — and hours — of a variety of methods and gigs for making a modest living. (Think wage-slave.)

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