Jane Anne Morris is a recovering Midwesterner, a corporate anthropologist, and a writer.

She has been a bicycle commuter for 40 years, but will take a bus on the occasion that she’s carrying an accordion and three gallons of honey. She knows exactly how many kilowatt-hours of energy she uses in her dwelling each month, because she spent 8 years fighting against a utility company that wanted to strip mine tens of thousands of acres of Texas farmland for a fuel with a lower energy content than cow patties. That outfit–the Lower Colorado River Authority of Texas (LCRA)–became the “tribe” that was the subject of her anthropology dissertation.

After stints teaching community college anthropology, G.E.D. at a correctional facility, and ESL to undocumented workers, she started writing about activism, corporate “rights”, constitutional law, and most importantly what underlies all… democracy.

When not writing or lecturing, she works at her community garden, and shows chickens to kids at the Madison Children’s Museum Rooftop Ramble gardens.

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Democracy + Corporations + the Constitution + the History of Corporate Law + Corporate Personhood: Taking Stock

I have spoken before groups as diverse as:

  • the International Forum on Globalization
  • the American Association of University Women
  • Wisconsin Radfest
  • the National Lawyer’s Guild
  • the Texas Acid Rain Symposium
  • the Midwest Radical Scholars and Activists Conference
  • the Nurses’ Environmental Health Watch
  • the Greens National Party Convention
  • the Wolf River Earth First! Regional Rendezvous
  • Women of Science of Southeastern Wisconsin
  • the Alliance for Democracy’s founding convention
  • the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference
  • the Grey Panthers
  • Colombia Support Network
  • the Association of Humanist Sociology
  • the Ecological Resistance Movements Conference
  • the Bascom Hall Sweatshop Occupation Teach-In
  • the Local Democracy Convention
  • United Unitarians for a Just Economic Community, and many more.

I have also conducted numerous “ReThinking the Corporation, ReThinking Democracy” weekend retreats around the country from Los Angeles to Ohio.

Some of the topics I’ve spoken on follow. Or, suggest a new angle to me.

  • Challenging Corporate Rule: Reclaiming Democratic Rights
  • Rejuvenating Our Downsized Democracy
  • “Baby NAFTA”: ‘Free Trade’ at Home
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Democracy
  • Is the Supreme Court Too Powerful?: Judicial Review and Democracy
  • Corporations, “Rights,” and Our Theme Park Democracy
  • Corporate Shape-Shifters and the Manipulation of Constitutional Rights
  • Democracy Unlimited: A Radical Return to Wisconsin Tradition
  • States’ Rights, Corporations, and Democracy
  • Local Democracy & Corporate “Rights”
  • Model Law Challenging Corporate Constitutional Rights
  • Corporate “Personhood” and Democracy
  • Regulatory Agencies and Democracy
  • Revoking Corporate Charters
  • Rewriting Our Constitution for Democracy
  • NIMBY Activism and Environmental Education
  • Legal Fictions